Core values

The founder of the company, Anthon B Nilsen, was driven by a strong creative zest in the development of his business. But he took one step at a time and was extremely thorough in his analysis of new business opportunities. His perspective was always long term, aiming to establish solid businesses both domestically and abroad.

Anthon B Nilsen who was also a writer and a Member of Parliament, made it his hallmark to act with the highest degree of integrity both in business and in his services in other parts of the society. In this short summary of his achievements, one can find the values along which the activities of ABN Scandinavia AS shall be governed. The core values - creative zest, long term focus, thoroughness and integrity - describe the way we act and interact. They are the foundation on which the businesses are built.

What is our philosophy?

Our philosophy is to build and maintain the knowledge and competence that is necessary to bridge the gap between suppliers in Europe and potential customers in remote markets in the Middle East and South East Asia. We have an extensive experience in handling the entire process of intercontinental trade between the European wood industry and international target markets. We are a partner in sales for companies which do not have a sales representative in foreign markets.

ABN Scandinavia AS is THE LINK between the industry and remote markets. We are connecting companies on different continents creating new business opportunities.

The value for our partners

The value we create for our partners is to establish new business in target markets. We maintain the existing business, we process the deal from the ordering process, the handling of all paperworks and export documents, to the arrangement of the transport. As Anthon B Nilsen is not an agency, we also guarantee the payment for our partners since we are a well-known trading company based in Europe. Anthon B Nilsen has an existing sales network in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa and we would like to open these markets also for your company.

The value for our customers

We are close to the market and we provide our customers with the highest quality products and access to the most recent product developments. We can always offer the right product for the right application and we combine products from different suppliers to offer our customers a full system and not only a single product. As our sales team is constantly out in the field we personally know all our suppliers and their production facilities. Consequently, we can guarantee superior quality as we only co-operate with those manufacturers who adhere to the highest standards of operation.