LVL Scaffold Plank


The Scaffolding Plank is a high quality veneered board. This product is mainly used in prestigeous projects where highest standard in safety and quality is required. It is manufactured in Russia and produced according to the OSHA standard.

Our Scaffold Plank shows many advantages compared to regular planks made of solid timber or other LVL products. There is no other product on the market which is made of Nordic Russian Spruce which provides much higher strength and stability capacities than any other timber.


cross-section / mm length / mm
38 x 225 / 230 / 235 / 300 3900 / 5900
42 x 225 / 230 / 235 / 300 3900 / 5900

Technical Specification:

14 plies (38mm)

Tolerances: +/-1mm (Thickness), +/-2mm (Width), +/-5mm (Length)

100% Nordic Russian Spruce

Density (Kg/m³) ≈ 562  

Moisture (%) ≈  8,7

Edges wax-sealed and water protected

Eased Edges

Tested and Approved to OSHA and ANSI A 10.8-2001

The Application:

Why has the LVL become such a popular product for its use as a Scaffold Plank?

1. Lifetime

The LVL shows many advantages compared to the regular solid timber. A Scaffold Plank is used under extreme conditions. It is exposed to heat, cold, sun or rain. Furthermore it can be attached to different biological or chemical agents or substances. Since the LVL is laminated with at least 14 plies, it is much more resistent to this extreme conditions and thus the lifetime of the LVL Scaffold Plank is much longer than the solid timber.

2. Weight

On a building site, weight is a crucial point for the workers. Due to the high strenght of LVL Scaffold Plank, it is used in smaller dimensions than solid timber. Thus the weight of each plank is lower and much easier to handle. It also takes less space either in storage or on the building site.

3. Load capacity

The load capacity of the LVL is not only higher, but its also much more predictable than solid timber. As the LVL is an engineered product, the load capacity is much more predictable.

4. Safety

Due to the higher strenght and the predictable load capacity of the product the LVL provides the maximum safety on your building site.

5. cost effectivness

In an simple calculation it seems that it is a more expensive product. But in fact the cost-effectivness of the LVL Scaffold Plank is superior to solid timber. Due to the above mentioned reasons, such as 'longer lifetime', 'less material', 'lower weight' etc., the LVL is also in terms of cost-effectivness considered to be favorable in comparison to solid timber.

All these reasons lead many companies to change their Scaffold Planks from solid timber to planks made of LVL. In many public and prestigeous projects the LVL Scaffold Plank has already become a requirement.


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