Form-on smartPanel - (3-Ply Shuttering Panels)


The Shuttering panels have a long tradition in structured construction. The possible applications range from slab formwork to wall, bridge and tunnel formwork, as well as platforms. Our product range includes shuttering panels between 21 and 27mm.

Our shuttering panels are being produced according to the highest quality standard at three European locations with a production capacity of approximately 7 million m2.

3-ply shuttering panels come with or without edge protection. The two outer layers with aligned fibers and the transverse positioned middle layer are glued with waterproof bonding. This construction makes swelling or shrinkage practically impossible.



Thickness / mm Dimension / mm
21 500 x 1000/1500/2000/2500
27 500 x 1500/2000/2500/3000


  •  High stability and accuracy through 3-ply gluing 
  •  Time-saving and cost-effective in production
  •  High capacitance (lengthwise and crosswise)
  •  Light weight (12,5kg/m2)
  •  Long life span with proper care
  •  Durable surface finishing with melamine resin coating
  •  Quality monitored production
  •  Also suitable for fairfaced concrete

The Application:

 Used in formwork systems in structural building sites 

  •  Intermediate floor systems
  •  Walls systems
  •  Bridge systems


3-ply Shuttering Panelszoom
3-Ply Shuttering Panelszoom

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