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What we do!

Anthon B Nilsen Scandinavia is a trading house focusing on export of timber products from Europe to the Middle East and South East Asia.

The company provides sales and consulting support to the European timber industry. Furthermore, we support international companies targeting the markets in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany as well as the markets in Norway and Sweden. Many years of experience have made us to a well-known company in the wooden products' industry.

Our main product group is building materials. We specialize in Formwork & Scaffolding products - widely used in heavy steel and concrete constructions and in road and bridge construction. A second product group is wooden "Boards & Panels", eg. woodfibre boards and wooden panels used in the furniture industry, packaging industry, and in a variety of niche industries. Finally, we are offering a wide range of outdoor materials, like terrace deckings ranging from European solid wood to modern WPC.

We invite you to examine our website to learn more about our company and to see the benefits we can provide to you. Our team of experts welcomes you to take advantage of our profound know-how and of our extensive network throughout the global timber industry.


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Mr. Anthon Bernard Nilsen

Anthon B Nilsen Scandinavia AS - Vestre Strandvei 77, P.O. Box 26, N-3481 Tofte / Norway
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