About us

Anthon B Nilsen Scandinavia is part of the Anthon B Nilsen Group, based in Oslo/Norway. In addition to trading with building materials, the Group runs a comprehensive activity within property development and the provision of private education.
The trading business within the Anthon B Nilsen Group has shown a significant growth during recent years, taking advantage of a growing market and a rising demand for high quality products.
Our sales representatives all have comprehensive experience from the timber and building industry and know their product areas well. Find out what we can do for your business and don't hesitate to contact us!


Anthon B Nilsen Scandinavia AS - Vestre Strandvei 77, P.O. Box 26, N-3481 Tofte / Norway
Tel: +47 32 79 53 33 - Fax: +47 32 79 18 44 / Email: post@abns.no